Why has this site come back?

Well Tom still does WiFi, and his websites a shocking mess and he needed somewhere to put his current projects.

Due to a complex set of circumstances, a yacht and some rum, part of PierToPier.net migrated to Australia’s Northern Territory, stopping along to the way to re-wireless the odd pacific island.

He operates many of the original PierToPier.net ideals out of Darwin Australia. Who’d have thought the skills acquired in the mud of Glastonbury and the salt and gravel of Brighton Beach would suit the outback?

  • Wireless Hotspots – some were built for his former employer, some like the one at Darwin Sailing Club are similar to the PierToPier model.
  • Streaming Video – Both South Darwin Rabbitohs Rugby Union club, The Darwin Sailing Club and NT Rugby union have supported Tom in streaming sports events. Mostly this has involved being nailed to a laptop and electricity, keep looking here as I try to figure out how to stream build wireless to stream live from boats, buoys and drones.
  • Digital Signage & Mapping. Its no good being able to stream stuff if you can’t show it off. Yacht trackers exist in phone app and interactive form, not for digital signage. The ultimate goal is to provide Live Footage of yacht races such as the Darwin to Ambon for digital signage.